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Took Baby and Allie to the grocery store yesterday morning, and of course, there were cameras filming ALL OVER the store for some ridiculous cable channel TV show.  I politely inquired about it to the man who looked in charge – he first asked me if I wanted to be on it (No Thanks!) and when I told him I had to be sure the little girls with me didn’t end up on camera, he assured me no one would be filmed without their permission.

Except they were in the peanut butter aisle when we wanted our peanut butter!

So we circled the perimeter of the store, dodging cameras and looking for bicycles, which Allie insisted to me they sold at this store.  Finally, Allie realized they don’t actually sell bikes there, the cameras had moved on to some other aisle, and we could get our PB and get the heck out of there.

I still can’t figure out how they could be so sure we wouldn’t be on camera – background footage doesn’t count?  I just don’t want anyone’s mama figuring out the locale of my local grocery store.