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Mark can actually tell the difference between Koolaid I make using 7/8 cups of sugar and Koolaid made with 3/4 cups of sugar.  And of course he refuses to drink the 3/4 cup batch.

I’m both impressed by his distinguishing palette and annoyed to all getout at him being so picky.


Mom very nicely sent back two tubs of winter clothes I gave to her in July (before we learned they would not be going home that month).  But just the few minutes it took to take them all out and put them down the clothes chute gave me a headache from the smoke smell.   Plus what a pain in the butt to wash them all again.

Yes, I WILL turn in my mileage sheet for September before the 15th! In fact, I’ll fill it out and mail it in today because I know there won’t be any more miles to log this month!  I’m so organized and on top of things!  I’ve got it printed and waiting to be filled out – oh but there goes the mail carrier…

Okay, I’ll mail it tomorrow.  That’s still WELL before the 15th.  It will be so nice to start a month without that constant nagging feeling that I need to remember to turn it in.

(It got really bad in August.  I actually didn’t get July’s form turned in because I knew I was missing a few of the visits, and I was going to ask the kids’ mom when they were.  But I kept forgetting, and forgetting, and forgetting, until it was too late.   There weren’t that many visits that month but there were two team meetings.  The reimbursement for those two team meetings alone was $70!  Ouch.  Don’t tell Husband.)

New better-at-privacy but still informative-about-foster-care blog, take 2.


This is tricky to just restart, ya know?

I will definitely go back and filter out the TMI from my old posts, but that will take some time.  I’ll try a little catch up here.

Okay.  Let’s see…

The unsupervised visit hours are up and running.  Definitely everyone’s favorite!  It’s been harder and harder to think of activities for supervised visits, especially ones that don’t end up costing, be it admissions, lunch out, etc.  I’m looking forward to the upsupervised visits taking the whole weekend and we can just drop the supervised.  Because of how things have been scheduled though, we have at least two more weekends with some sort of supervised component before the unsup hours go up again.

The case is still moving forward (I can say that, can’t I?).  The whole family, including older sis, has been getting together during the visits, and they have been VERY positive times.  It’s so nice to see, and such a relief.  I was worried that this family might never be fully functional again.

Based on my own unofficial, unregulated reckoning, I anticipate the kids going home for good around mid-November.  BUT someone on the team pointed out that will be right before semester ends at Christmas break, so maybe the kids should finish the semester at their current schools, and then go home right before Christmas.  And you know if one person on the team is thinking this, they’ll all be mulling it over.

Dang it! It doesn’t matter for elementary school! They don’t have finals or term papers!

Not that I don’t love Mark and Nikki in my own peculiar foster-y way, but their parents love them bunches more.  And I know they love their parents a LOT more than me.