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So I had been under the impression that TPR would be initiated for Aaron and Allie this month.  Wrong.  Am I ever really in the loop about anything?

Without getting into too much detail, the judge has decided to stall on Aaron and Allie’s plan until something happens with their siblings;  that something would be either success or failure in reunification.  The siblings are in another foster home, and a specific plan has been set up to achieve reunification by a set date.  If it hasn’t happened by then, I’m assuming the siblings would also head to TPR.

BUT as far as I know,  Aaron and Allie are being fully recommended not to reunify.  So we are now just waiting, and it does make sense to wait, so any pre-adoptive families are fully informed about the family’s situation, and heck, maybe there is even someone who might want to adopt all of them.

And if their siblings do end up successfully reunified, maybe maybe Aaron and Allie might be able to attempt reunification.  I have no idea if the judge is thinking along those lines, but I am.

Is this confusing to you?  It is to me.



Big news:  Aaron and Allie’s case was transitioned to the TPR-track.  Near the end of the summer, we’ll have a hearing to either do a voluntary TPR or move to trial.  It seems no one knows for sure what Mom and Dad are going to do.

None of this is a surprise, but to have it actually happening makes me mentally hyperventilate.  I am overwhelmed by how many ways the future could go – kids could go to a relative, but if not, we’ll be asked if we want to adopt (!!!!) and if we don’t, they’ll stay with us but for who knows how long??  It could take years to find an adoptive family??  No matter what, we’re going to be helping them transition to a new forever family.   And right now, they still ask when they get to go home to Mom and Dad.

Yep, definitely overwhelming.

For the time being, we’ve started both of them seeing a counselor.

I’m trying extra hard to stay sensitive to their feelings and thoughts.

And we’re going on a nifty little road trip for a week.  I think it will be fun.  Maybe take my mind off more serious matters.

But somehow, I bet as I watch them enjoying the events in our journey, I’ll be wondering “Is this my future?  Someone else’s?  Where do these kids belong?”