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Today, when I picked up my daughter from school,  the grounds were swarming with children in green.  So that must mean it’s St. Patrick’s Day.  That would make it the 17th.  So WHY did my cell phone just today deliver me a message from the 12TH!  A message from Lulu, who had a pair of brothers for us!!

Somehow, just an hour or so after calling me about the 3- and 11- year old siblings, Lulu called back.  I was probably picking up at school, but I don’t understand why my cell didn’t ring.  Yargh.  FRUSTRATING!  (Seriously, I couldn’t even find the call in the call log.)

I emailed Lulu to tell her in the future, don’t count on me getting cell messages right away – because this does happen a lot.   I should’ve also told her to leave messages on our home answering machine, duh.  So now I have motivation anew to switch cell phone providers.

As for the brothers, all Lulu could tell me was that a plan had been put in place for them.  I guess I hope it works out for them… grumble grumble