What: Just chronicling how it is to foster parent.  We’re on the list for a two-sibling group, ages 2 – 8, any gender or race.  Most medical needs too, but no severe sexual or behavioral issues.

Where: A medium-sized suburb of a medium-sized city in the medium-USA.

When: Real time.

Who: Me, my husband, our three children by birth, and whatever children are listed below!!! I’m sure I’ll come up with cutesy code-names for them soon, but right now, that seems so clichéd. At least, among foster parents blogging in secrecy.

  • Me and husband, early thirties.  He teaches, I handle emergencies.
  • Daughter, 8
  • Junior, 5
  • Baby (daughter),3
  • Mark, 8
  • Nikki, 5

Why: I grew up with many foster siblings, so this all seems very natural to me.  Luckily, my husband is game too.  I also spent several years as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate, so you can tell, I’m a sucker for abused and neglected kids.

How: I was hoping you could tell me that…people_r2_c2_f6Oh yeah, “Where’s the Party”:

Right before we moved into our current house,  our daughter, then 2, was so happy, she ran in circles in her empty new-bedroom, shouting “Where’s the party?” over and over.  Too cute.