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Took Mark to see the new therapist yesterday.  She’s a lot more engaging and appears to take a more aggressive approach to therapeutic goals.  Although it would be hard to be less aggressive than Mark’s old therapist.

Bad thing is she’s a longer drive.  But she’ll see Mark on his own, so I get a bonus hour of reading every week.

I spent the full hour yesterday giving her my point of view on Mark’s state, and we identified four areas of focus:

  • dealing with anger and negative feelings, emphasis on provoking other kids
  • having someone to talk to about his feelings
  • his relationship with Eliza
  • boundaries and appropriateness with Daughter (hasn’t been too much of a problem lately, but I don’t want to take the chance of letting something happen)

Life on the homestead has been running smoothly – we biked to the library today, and the kids played in the afternoon.  Mark could probably use more attention/activity than I provide, but I try to promote independent play amongst the older kids, so I am hoping he’ll adjust.  I have visions of planning a wonderful day of enriching, stimulating, fun crafts, but those few precious hours at the end of the day are so hard to devote to more kid-thinking.  I need that adult time.

But I do want to stave off boredom, so I should work on activities.  He really likes crafts, he says, but when I suggest some, he doesn’t want to do them.  Daughter, Nikki, and Junior are all pretty good at playing on their own, but Mark is more mature, in some ways, than Daughter, so he might just need his own type of activity.  He got a “how to draw dinosaurs” book, and he’s really been enjoying that, so that’s a starting point.