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Wow. It is so noisy at our house. From 7 am until 8 pm, it doesn’t get quiet but for a few minutes at a time.  And then at 11:30, K. usually wakes up crying, so I really have to work hard to enjoy that brief calm.  Kind of ironic.

I’m not minding the noise too much.  In fact, I’m surprised at my zen serenity during tantrums (usually K’s).  I feel a lot of sympathy for these little guys, so I don’t begrudge them at all for crying and screaming over such problems as:

pajama bottoms not matching pajama tops

not having all of one’s ham cut up at one time (like Mama does at home)

not getting chocolate for not eating more at dinner than just said ham

Today was a visit with Mom and their other two sibs.  Caseworker, let’s call her Nabisco (that’s a mental connection, for my benefit only) said the four kids were crazy.  Knocking over trash cans, pulling phones off the wall, just generally way too excited.  So I hope the rest of the day isn’t ruined, but right now, two hours later, no obvious changes.

Anyway, it’s good.  This is all right. And I’m so happy our little girl (19 months) has already learned to say K.’s and S.’s name and give them hugs.  Super cute.