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“The days are filled with years.” – that’s from a song or a poem or something.  I don’t remember.  But it is completely happening right now.

Since returning from our trip, which was just okay for all the effort spent planning it, Mark stabbed himself in the foot (accidentally) with a pencil, requiring crutches and bandage-changing every day, but luckily, no doctor visit.  He looks awful hobbling around, but it’s actually not that bad.  We’re still not sure whether the tip of the pencil is really far inside his foot or not, but it’s healing either way.

Swimming lessons ended (with Mark having to miss the whole second week due to his foot.)  The kids all learned some new skills, and now I just need to get my lazy butt to take all five of them to the pool during the day.

Which leads me to my next point, which is why I haven’t been feeling well, cleaning as much, doing as much with the kids, or eating as much.  That is….morning sickness!  Hooray!  So, yeah, actually it’s been pretty crappy, and I spent a few days consuming only rice cakes and pink lemonade, but it is slowly getting better.  I’m only at six weeks or something, so we don’t want to tell anyone yet, but it’s frustrating to be feeling so blah and not be able to explain why.  Although I’m sure most of our family has guessed it, seeing as how our kids have all been 2.5 – 3 years apart.

Due date mid-March, btw.

So that means we won’t be taking our license up to three.  I can still see how I feel in September or October when Mark and Nikki go home – it can hopefully only be better – but I’m learning I should start leaving myself some more room for error.

Anyway, today we’re visiting a kids’ museum with their mom and dad.  I’m hoping the visit will be 6 hours in all.  They had an hour earlier in the week supervised by Ollie, but that is still not all of the hours they’re supposed to have this week, plus we still need to make up all the hours from our trip out of town.

I’ve talked with the other supervisor, Edna, and she likes to “schedule” things “ahead of time”.  I think this means I may have to start changing my MO with regards to the visits.