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Nikki had a birthday recently.  I voluntarily made her a cake, but then she and Mark had a visit with Mom in the evening, and they had a cake with her and Dad.  It seemed a bit ridiculous to have another cake when they got back late anyway, so maybe we’ll have it tonight.  But they’re having another visit tonight, plus Junior’s birthday is on Saturday, and we’ll have another cake then.  Plus we just finished Daughter’s First Communion cake from last weekend…

I’m trying really hard to make them each feel special!  But does it have to involve so much cake?

Seriously though, these are the first foster kid birthdays we’ve had, and I was excited at the thought of giving a fun party to a child who’s maybe never had that before.  With Nikki and Mark though, it’s turning more into the child of divorced parents – we’re each giving them a cake, and presents, and a party.  Maybe I’ll just freeze Nikki’s cake and save it for Junior’s birthday.