Allie’s nightly phone calls are confounding.  Almost every night, she refuses to talk to her dad.  Dunno why.  Many nights, maybe not quite half, she refuses to talk to mom – often after talking about her during the day.  The other nights, she manages to spend 20 – 30 minutes talking about absolutely nothing with her mom.  Not kidding here.  Allie has a ritual of demanding, and I do mean demanding, of her mom to play songs from the radio to her over the phone.  To her credit, if mom tries to discuss anything substantial, Allie usually refuses to answer and continues to demand the radio.  It’s sort of pathetic.


Am I just being culturally biased and judgmental or something?  Can this be appropriate bonding?  Is it what a healthily attached 5-year old would do with her parents?  Is there something inherently wrong with these kinds of phone calls?  I think so, and I suppose I will mention it to the psych team involved in the case.  It feels nit-picky, but if these phone calls are symptomatic of some sort of deficit in the family’s interpersonal relationship, then they should be addressed.

Ew.  I don’t like sounding like a psychologist this late at night.