Yes, blame it on NaBloPoMo.  If ever an abbreviation hooked me, it’s this one.

Not as if I don’t have material out my ears to blog about.  It’s the time, see, that’s a rare commodity around here.

So here’s a quickie:

Is the “beeping” Aaron’s been hearing since last night

a. a side effect of the ADD med he started four days ago?

b. an early indicator of ear infection?

c. an auditory hallucination (Lord, please help me if he’s started hallucinating…)

d. ringing in his ears from all the intense roaring he did while trick-or-treating?  Note that he was Spiderman;  I have no idea why the kid decided to roar/scream at every house.

For the time being, I’m keeping him on the meds.  Time will tell us soon if it’s an ear infection, and if he damaged his own hearing from his own silliness, well, I don’t know what I’ll do.  Ditto hallucinating.  Phone call to the doctor by the end of the week, I’m sure!