A little girl, a few days early, not named Veva, but a healthy baby and an easy delivery.

A little too easy, maybe.  She was born in the middle of the night, about 30 minutes after I woke up.  At home.

We’d been planning a home birth (our first one) but the midwife didn’t even make it that quickly.  She was born in the bathroom right across from Junior and Aaron’s room, caught by my husband.  I think the boys might’ve been woken up by all the hub bub.  Do you suppose the state will care that our 6-year old foster son possibly saw a live vaginal birth while in our home…

Anyway, everyone’s doing really well.  I have to remind myself to rest – it’s easy to forget with this many kids to take care of.  Did I mention it’s spring break too?  So EVERYONE is home.

Not too much has changed with Allie and Aaron’s case.  The next hearing might change the state’s aim to TPR, there are some out-of-state relatives that might take the kids, Aaron might start ADD meds – a lot of possibilities to be decided in the next few months.  I’ll try to blog more about all that later.

In the meanwhile, Husband and I have been redboxing some movies during the fun paternity leave time.  We just got “Dinner For Schmucks” the other night.   Hmm, is that supposed to be italicized, or is that only books?  It’s been a long time since I’ve written a bibliography.

So I’ll just say, if you’ve seen that movie, you’ve seen Aaron.  Within 5 minutes of Steve Carrell’s character being introduced, the only thing I could think of was Aaron.  His character was Aaron to a T.  A grown-up Aaron.  The exact same behaviors that Aaron exhibits.  Oh my gosh.  It was funny but also eerie and sort of sad, because laughing at the stupid things his character does is a big part of the movie.  And I’ve wondered about that a lot in the month since they’ve been here:  what will Aaron be like as a grown man?  Will he be able to maintain a job?  Will he have friends?  Will he know how different he is?  How much will he grow and change before he is on his own?

And what can we do right now to positively impact his future the most?