Wow, have I been a crabby mama the last few days.  Some sort of ‘chest cold morphed into a head cold has’ taken over my brain, and I don’t want anything to do with my kids.  Any of them.  All I want to do is sleep or lay in bed and read.  Little children don’t facilitate that at ALL.

And throw in a three day weekend in our district, which might have been nice because Husband was home to take care of them, but that just made him crabby from pulling double-parent duty AND me being too tired/sick to make it in the sack.

So it wasn’t the best weekend.

There was supposed to be a visit set up for Aaron and Allie this weekend, but none of the workers involved ever called me about it.  We haven’t given Mom and Dad our phone number (I plan to do that after I hear how court went this afternoon) so they couldn’t call, and between Husband and I, we barely had it together enough to keep the house from falling over.  Hence, we made no effort to find out about it either.

Aaron and Allie do miss their family.  Allie has asked Husband a few times when the caseworker is coming back to take her home, and they certainly talk a lot about their siblings.  It’s so easy to overlook those feelings though because they’ve integrated very well into our home otherwise.  They’re little troopers, for sure.

You might not guess their feelings from their parental phone calls either.  Allie does an okay job on the phone, but she tends not to say a whole bunch.  She clams up and acts shy while her mom or dad ask her questions.  Aaron will blabber on and on, but about the most pointless things and almost always asking multiple times to talk to his baby sister, even when his parents have told him she’s asleep.  So his phone manners aren’t that great.  But he does have some cognitive issues, and obviously, his parents know that.

So, why does his dad speak to Aaron with a tone of snide contempt?  Aaron has figured out the speaker phone button so I can hear both sides of the conversation, and sometimes, I really don’t like the way he speaks to Aaron.  It’s a mocking tone, but Aaron can’t pick up on that, so it just makes it really pathetic and sad to hear.  Most of the time, Dad’s fine, maybe a little paternalistic, but those few times I hear that meanness come through, I cringe.

In general, that’s how Mom and Dad come across on the phone.  They say they miss the kids, and tell them they love them, but it sounds more like they’re on a business trip and they’ll be home in a few days than potentially facing TPR.  I guess everyone expresses emotions differently, but it still strikes me as odd how la-di-da they seem.