Do you think our agency would get us in trouble if they saw this picture?

(I did talk to his mom later about it, and she is fine with him playing dress up with his sister.)


I was tucking Aaron in last week, and he asked me when he would get to go home.  My boiler-plate answer: “I hope it’s soon, but no one knows for sure.”

Aaron confidently told me the log knows.  Say what, Aaron?

“The log knows.”

“What is the log, Aaron?”

“The man with the log.  In the truck.  You know, a log truck?”

“Aaron, do you mean a logging truck, like that carries chopped down trees?”

“Yeah, that!”

Yes, it’s the magic logging truck that can see into the future.  Whaaaa?


He also has a small cut on his thumb from falling off his scooter (again.)  While replacing the band-aid, he told me when he pulled the skin back on his cut, he could see his brain.


He explained, “I can see pink stuff under the skin.”


Where do I start, that his brain isn’t in his thumb, that it’s not pink, or that it’s not right under his skin?