Got to be part of a team meeting today for Aaron and Allie’s case.  Actually, I’m glad I was there because I’m the one new face in this multi-year case – I did learn a lot about the history of this case, the parents’ attitudes, and where the case is going.  Everyone else was probably bored out of their mind because, apparently, nothing has really changed over the last few years.  They’re still discussing the same problems in the household and parenting.

Their parents though – wow!  I want to call them interesting, but they’re really not.  They are lower-IQ, mashed-potato personality people.  Not bright enough to understand how to parent their kids appropriately.

BUT.  They are smart enough to know what the system wants.  Dad actually expressed a certain viewpoint early in the meeting, at a later point the caseworker expressed the opposite, and then after that Dad completely flip-flopped to the caseworker’s view.  Without missing a beat.

I can only imagine this combo of stupidity and cunning will drag out whatever happens to these kids.  For now, the state is going to try offering a few new services to the parents, but the proof will only be when the kids are there in their home.  And the team believes the kids aren’t safe there.  Rock, hard place, rock, hard place…