Survived the 3-day weekend with all five kids!  We even got some bike-riding in, and that was exhausting because while Husband was fixing a bike for Aaron (including training wheels which we knew he needed but he kept insisting he didn’t) he would ask every 80 seconds or so if he could ride a bike.  Yes, Aaron, when the bike is fixed.  Repeat repeat repeat.

And wow.  Lisa warned me about it, but seeing it in real life is weird.  The kid has no sense of pain.  Crashes off his bike or scooter or whatever, over and over, and just jumps right back up.  And I mean crashes that would send any other kid crying to their mother.  He now has a whole lotta scrapes and scratches on his knees and palms, and I just hope they heal up well enough before their first visit.

I’m also trying to figure out if Aaron understands why we get stern/angry with him.  I’m pretty sure he understands that we are angry or upset, but does he know why?  Even if why is something that happened 10 seconds previous, there’s a look in his eyes like…what?  He doesn’t seem surprised when we are upset, but he looks like he’s waiting.  He’s just on autopilot when we are disciplining him.  Which really does make the discipline feel futile.

And poor Allie.  She’s had some real brooding sessions here, and she won’t talk about why.  I’m assuming it’s missing her parents, but I feel bad because she’s just so forlorn.  It’s hard to see a forlorn cutie-pie 5 year old.