Yeah.  What was I even worried about?

I have absolutely zero concerns about parenting these kids.  Aaron and Allie are probably the most well-adjusted foster kids we’ve had.

Allie’s most annoying behavior so far:  asking why over and over.

For example, yesterday we spent almost 20 minutes in this sort of conversation

“Why isn’t your baby born yet?”

“The baby isn’t big enough to be born.”

“Why isn’t it big enough?”

“It hasn’t grown enough yet. ”

“Why hasn’t it grown enough?”  etc etc etc.

Aaron’s most annoying behavior probably relates to his developmental delays.  He is the most autistic non-autism diagnosed child I’ve ever seen.  I relate to him as if he were four, rather than six and a half.

He needs a lot of repetition in his instructions.  He constantly tries to help by doing non-helpful things like, you know, moving the toys I asked him not to move.  However, he does manage to come up with surprisingly intelligent comments every once in a while.  We still haven’t seen his IEP to know the full scope of his needs and diagnosis, but from what Lisa told me, it’s still murky as to what exactly is going on.

I’m much more concerned about the long-term picture – TPR is a likely possibility.  I’m not sure how working with these parents will go.  They don’t seem crazy or anything, but then again, they apparently have always been overconfident their kids would come home.  So if/when that doesn’t happen, what are they going to be like?