Before the kiddos get here (one hour!), I want to list out the concerns Husband and I discussed last night in making our decision.

We HAD decided to take a six-month break, Feb. 1 – Aug. 1, for the baby’s birth.  Honestly, it probably wouldn’t have ended up being a full six months except Aug. 1st, very nicely, ends up being when we get back from a two-week vacation out of the country.

So that was a convenient time frame to take.

In chronological order then,

  1. Rooms:  we just moved each of the kids, at their own requests, in their own rooms – no sharing!  Wowee, was that cool.  Well, mostly for Daughter, now that she’s almost 9 and looking for her own space more.  So we’ll put Allie with Baby and Aaron with Junior.  Baby is super excited to share her room again actually, and I think Junior will be too.
  2. Birth:  I was completely reassured in my conversation with Lisa, their former foster mom last night.  She actually brought home a newborn while they were in her care, and they had no problems between the baby and the kids.   She just constantly repeated “No touching the baby” and they didn’t!  Yup, I can do that.  (I hope I don’t sound too glib, because obviously I take the safety of my own kids very seriously. )
  3. Vacations:  We’d been planning a month-long road trip for June, you know, just ’cause we could.  Well, sacrifice is part of being a foster parent, so we just scrapped that idea.  It might still work out of course, depending on visitation with their parents and all, but mini-road trips will work too.  As far as the out of country vacation,  I’m doing some serious hoping that Lisa can do respite for us.  I’m sure she will if she is in town, so I just need to check with her on that.
  4. And more vaguely, our own kids needs:  Both Husband and I have started to really feel more in touch with our children’s needs, now that we are back down to our core family of five.  I’d planned on reading a few books to deal with some of Daughter’s emotional needs, Junior has an insatiable desire for academic enrichment as well as his own behavioral needs, and Baby, while a very happy three year old, should still get her share of the attention of course.  So while obviously we decided we can continue to meet those needs of our own kids while also attending to the even greater needs of two kids in foster care, we both acknowledged it will take extra effort and commitment on our part.  Now, to remember that in a few weeks when I’m wiped out…

How annoying.  Last night, I remember having five big concerns we addressed, and now I can only remember four.  Eh, guess that last one wasn’t very important.

So there you go.  Now I’m off for a quick round of vacuuming before they arrive!