We found out some bad news yesterday about the kids’ biofamily.  Completely shocking, unexpected, I-don’t-even-want-t0-believe-it type news.  It really sucks.  The kids don’t know yet, but they will find out soon, and I expect there to be lots more talking and explaining to go on afterwards.  And probably some regression.  I don’t think it’s possible for Mark to pee in his bed anymore than he already does, but something else will happen I bet.

The funny thing is, this news actually probably won’t effect their reunification – it might be a few weeks delayed, but they’ll still be home soon, hopefully by Christmas now.  But it will definitely effect their long term future.

There is still hope though.  This situation could still end positively in time, and I hope it does.  I really hope the ‘team’ members involved in the kids’ case actually support the family and not just pressure them to do what’s easiest.   That’s what I’ll be doing!