We’re all starting to get that final countdown itch.  There’ve been signs that the judge may well start overnights this week, and even without, the kids are spending most of their weekend hours with Mom and Dad.

I need to start putting their lifebook together – should I do one for both or two separate? Hmm.  I’ll have to think about that. With school, they’ve each had lots of unique experiences, but still lots of overlap.

I need to figure out how to plan a little ‘going-away’ party for them and their friends.  By the time we get close enough to know for sure, they’ll be spending the entire weekend with parents, so I guess I could do it on a Thursday afternoon.  I’m not thinking anything big: just a few friends from school and the neighborhood.  But what should we do?  Games seem a little too festive, but I don’t want it to be depressing.  Plus they’re kids, so I can’t expect them to sit around and just talk.  Maybe just have a regular playdate plus some cake and one of those cardboard picture frames that their friends could sign.  Then I could take a picture of everyone to put it in it.  That might work.

I’m impressed too with how the kids are handling things pyschologically.  I wonder if they are feeling that same déja vu I am, and if they’re wondering if it could all get messed up again.  Plus the general mental strain from so much back and forth between two very different parenting styles.  A few months left at most, which doesn’t seem like much to me and their parents, but to them, every weekend must be adding to that frustration.