In our district, the classrooms have three parties a year, plus teacher gifts, plus each classroom makes a basket for the school auction.  So I know it makes sense for the room parents to ask each family for a donation.

But when I have four children enrolled, three of those classes are asking $10 each, and one of them is asking $15, it starts to get obnoxious.  I know $45 isn’t that much, but most of it is paying for plastic Chinese throw-aways and sugary snacks.

OTC, anyone?






So since Nikki and Mark are going home by December, would it be petty of me to just send $5 to cover their part of the school year?

(I know what the answer is, and I won’t really send in just $5, but I sure am going to feel huffy sending $10! I’ll be sure to put on my most indignant airs when I put the envelopes in their backpacks.)