Mark’s brought home a dirty joke.  The funny part is, he couldn’t retell it the right way.  I still shut him down from telling the other kids, but since he didn’t seem to understand what liqueur was or that he got the punch line all wrong (it’s supposed to be ketchup, liqueur and rubber buns;  all he remembered was liqueur, ketchup and buns) I’m not too worried about his innocence.  Probably the kids who told him got it right, so he knew it was ‘sexy’, but didn’t understand it enough to retell.

Unfortunately, he did get the ‘hairy pickle’ joke right, knew what it was talking about and managed to tell Nikki before I noticed.

I don’t really care that much; I remember those sorts of jokes from when I was about this age, and boy, were they hilarious.  So I’ve told him I don’t care if his friends tell him jokes about private parts, but if he repeats any of them at home, he is in big trouble.