I’ve been altering and reposting some of Mark and Nikki’s story to be more anonymous, and rereading old posts is sure an eye-opener.

I’m disappointed in myself at how much my attitude towards them has changed.  In the very beginning, I was a lot more sympathetic.  Now that they’ve been here 10 months, should I not be as maternal?  They are still missing their parents, although they do feel a lot more secure here.  I’m going to continue contemplating this.

Also, Mark has made huge strides in his eating habits!  I’d forgotten how many issues we used to have with food.  Today, for example, I told him he’d really need to eat a healthy dinner with lots of veggies and he cheerfully agreed.  (This was, of course, after his request to have some fast food lunch with a friend, and also in response to the food he consumed with Mom and Dad yesterday, which was 4 doughnuts, McD’s hamburger, fries and a shake.)