New better-at-privacy but still informative-about-foster-care blog, take 2.


This is tricky to just restart, ya know?

I will definitely go back and filter out the TMI from my old posts, but that will take some time.  I’ll try a little catch up here.

Okay.  Let’s see…

The unsupervised visit hours are up and running.  Definitely everyone’s favorite!  It’s been harder and harder to think of activities for supervised visits, especially ones that don’t end up costing, be it admissions, lunch out, etc.  I’m looking forward to the upsupervised visits taking the whole weekend and we can just drop the supervised.  Because of how things have been scheduled though, we have at least two more weekends with some sort of supervised component before the unsup hours go up again.

The case is still moving forward (I can say that, can’t I?).  The whole family, including older sis, has been getting together during the visits, and they have been VERY positive times.  It’s so nice to see, and such a relief.  I was worried that this family might never be fully functional again.

Based on my own unofficial, unregulated reckoning, I anticipate the kids going home for good around mid-November.  BUT someone on the team pointed out that will be right before semester ends at Christmas break, so maybe the kids should finish the semester at their current schools, and then go home right before Christmas.  And you know if one person on the team is thinking this, they’ll all be mulling it over.

Dang it! It doesn’t matter for elementary school! They don’t have finals or term papers!

Not that I don’t love Mark and Nikki in my own peculiar foster-y way, but their parents love them bunches more.  And I know they love their parents a LOT more than me.