I emailed Lulu for some assistance, so now a very nice sounding foster family will watch Mark and Nikki this weekend.  They have a 4-year old girl for Nikki to play with, and 13-year old son for Mark to idolize, plus a dog, a pool, and the kids can bring their bikes.

Rosie wasn’t able to help as they were already traveling out of town, and I got a call back from one of the first homes I called, but they only had a 12-year old son and no way to accommodate bikes.  I’m glad I asked Lulu for help.

And so after going through all my trouble, I decided to get us put on the respite list!  There aren’t really any respite homes listed in my area; they are either 30 minutes north or 20 minutes south.  I know there’ve got to be other foster homes in this area, so maybe this will be a good way to meet them.

So now I’ve just got to make sure I get the right forms filled out, the emergency contacts done, etc.  Oh yeah, and get the car’s tires and alignment done before we leave, get Mark and Nikki enrolled for school, clean up for home visit tomorrow, take Mark to counseling tomorrow night, pack, and on and on and on.