Where can we have these visits?

Parks are nice, but at some point soon, we can’t realistically fit all the hours for visits into parks and outdoor attractions.  That point is also probably the same point at which I won’t be able to supervise all the visits anyway, so I don’t really have to worry about it, but I feel a lot of sympathy for Mom and Dad.  They don’t have any friends or family available for supervising.  The community resource center has rooms available, but the price is steep, and the kids are probably not going to enjoy spending multiple hours in a windowless 10 x 15 room.  Mom mentioned talking to a new acquaintance, but it would be a very desperate (and probably humiliating) request.

Our visit yesterday was pretty nice – I left our three with Husband so Mark and Nikki could have some normal family time with Mom and Dad.  We met at a playground and they had a great 3 hours there.  Mom and Dad brought their new puppy (wise decision when you’re financially struggling???) so I enjoyed playing with it some too.  Otherwise, I got to soak in some peace and quiet on a shady park bench, writing and reading.