So – here we are a week later.  Mom did spend some time in jail.  She’ll probably have to spend some more because she missed a drop to attend a camp production the kids were in.  She found out about the drop just a few hours before the camp skit.  I really feel bad for the parents sometimes.

Both Mom and Dad have single digit hours of supervised visitation.  I was hoping they would just drop it 12, but at least they both have the same amount now.  The worst part is no more family supervision.  It’s just me, Ollie, or Mom and Dad can pay $60 an hour to have their visit at the local community resource place.  Guess who did all four hours this week?

Actually, four hours isn’t that bad, but once we do get up above 10, there’s no way I can do them all.  I also know they don’t have that much cash.  So I don’t know how the court will view it if they don’t get all their hours in each week, but it’s going to get very difficult.  Plus, if I supervise, I have our kids there also, and that really isn’t ideal if Mark and Nikki are working on rebuilding their bond with their parents.

Ollie told me Mom will have to remain at her current level (in court terms, not in terms of the visitation hours) for at least a few more months, and reunification is usually the next level.  That puts us into fall – so yeah.  The kids have to start school here again, after all their goodbyes in the spring.  Dang it.

So I will slowly start moving them toward the idea of being here in the fall, and keep brainstorming free places to have visits.  I’m trying to avoid McD’s and malls.  Parks are okay unless it’s too hot, like it was this weekend.  I’ve thought of the library, but it’s hard to do more than an hour or so there.  But hey, at least it’s not winter.

Nikki is handling the reduction in visits pretty well, but Mark is having a little more trouble.  He carries his blanket around with him a lot more, and he has had more bouts of frustration/anger at me than normal.  No real rages yet, but close.  I’ll keep channeling my inner zen and try to cut him some slack.