This will take a while to set up, but I’d like to accentuate the coincidences in this story…

Since I had to pull Mark and Nikki out of Bible camp early to meet with the GAL, to make them feel better, I told them they could have McDonald’s for lunch.  I have actually NEVER taken them there in the six months we’ve been together.  This meeting was way out in a town 45 minutes away, in the county the kids’ originated from, and we went to the McDonald’s down the road.

In the parking lot, we parked next to a sheriff’s car, so when we got in the building, Nikki wanted to find him and sit next to him.  We did, and that was cool.  He gave them some sheriff’s badges, and everyone was happy.  When he stood up and left, I realized the table on the other side of him had 4 adults and a little girl.  That little girl had dark hair and was in a wheelchair.  On the back of her wheelchair was a sign that said “Jamie”.

Yes, it was Jamie, the same Jamie who lived on the other side of the state.  The Jamie we twice considering welcoming into our home, and who I know more about than some of the kids we’ve had in our home.  The Jamie I’d never met, but thought about for hours.  The Jamie I wasn’t even sure was gone from our lives forever.  She was right across the aisle.  I wanted to run over and stare at her face.

Instead, I wrote a little note to someone, seeing as how I didn’t even know which adults were with her.  I’d only talked to her foster mom once, and couldn’t remember her name.  I was going to hand it to them as they left, but we finished before them, so I eventually worked up the nerve to interrupt them (they were having a great time, and I felt so lame:  Recognize me!  I played a minor and completely unimportant role in your daughter’s life!)  I introduced myself, although I sort of fumbled and said something about inquiring last month about Jamie, when it was really three or four months ago.  The adults turned out to be her adoptive mom, new grandparents, and an aunt.  They seemed pretty at ease with each other, so I guess this is/will be her new forever family.  Although it was hard to see, for some reason, I’m glad she has her family.  Her adoptive mom was really cool and nice, and it turns out Jamie will be going to the same hospital as Daughter, so theoretically, we may run into them some day again.

I wouldn’t be too surprised with this little girl.