Mark is 30 minutes into a rage/tantrum – he’s sort of alternating between don’t-even-look-at-me and hug-me-but-I’m-still-inconsolable.  And he doesn’t show signs of slowing.  He won’t let me shut the door of his room, so everyone has to hear.  He’s in his room because he was screaming at the other kids when they stared at him while he was screaming in general.  He even screamed AT me, which he’s never done before, and threw his shoes, backpack, and coat.

Theoretically, this is because I talked to him and Junior about pushing/shoving at the front door after getting home from school (while they wait for me to unlock it.)

So anyway, it really helped when I signed into wordpress and saw that yesterday I got a hit from someone who used the search term:

“peed in a” “gave it to”

(Unfortunately, I deleted the incident that search is referring to for privacy reasons, but it’s still a totally funny search phrase.)

Now I know you must be looking for something specific if that’s what you’re searching, so I’m just glad I got to witness it.