In case there was any doubt, Mark did NOT enjoy leaving his Mom yesterday.

And then this morning was his psych eval.  Great.

So as I was trying to get him to school in time for lunch, he was angry and kept doing odd things like telling me not to say his name.  He also wouldn’t tell me what he and the doctor talked about during the eval.  Fair enough, but the name thing was really unlike him.

But I’m nervous that I pushed him too fast back to school.  I do think it’s important for him to be there, but I don’t want to embarrass him if he’s still got emotions to work through.

And then I ran back in to the cafeteria to give him his gloves, and he was sitting all by himself eating lunch.


There were a lot of kids in line still getting their trays, so maybe someone ended up near him, but I now wonder if he’s not exaggerating when he says he eats all alone.



I know it’s hard being the new kid.  I really want to think of some ways to make it easier for him, but I’m just not sure what.