The visit on Friday night went just fine, but because of the funny way the drug court schedule is set up for visitation, we had to set up yet an other two-hour visit for tonight.  And the only time that worked was 5 – 7.  Blargh.  Another dinner interrupted by chauffeuring.

And my husband will point out to me that I don’t HAVE to be the one to drive them; in fact, for all the rest of our kids, the case worker did the driving.  But I guess because this case has moved onto unsupervised, and because I’m the one who lives 45 minutes away from everyone else involved, it doesn’t make sense to have them all drive extra far to meet at some midway point.  And I like to whine.

So from here on out, the kids get every Sunday afterno0n with Mom and supervising relative.  It will be nice for them to see Mom more and nice for us to have a few core-family hours.

Tonight’s visit involves dinner at McDonald’s, so Mark has been dancing around the house, chanting “We’re getting McDonald’s! We’re getting McDonald’s!”  I know he’s not really trying to taunt me, but boy, does it feel like it.