The kids talked with Mom last night, and she shared the announcement that her visits are being upped!

They can be supervised by a family member, so they’ll most likely be on weekends.  Frankly, I’m surprised at how quickly the judge is allowing non-CPS supervision, but Mom is seeing the judge once a week, so I’m trusting.

So tonight is a visit, and then I assume next week, we’ll start the new schedule.  We also get a new worker next week.  The visit tonight is 4:30 – 6:30 – what a STUPID-BUTT time!!!  I have to premake dinner for Husband to heat up (falafels, peas, and salad) and then bring something for us to eat in the car on the way home;  it could be falafel too, but I don’t like it cold.  It will probably be Pb&J, and we’ll just eat more when we get home at 7:15.  I could do fast food but I hate spending extra money for food that gets me that much closer to cancer and heart disease.

I had more heart-to-heart with Mark last night about why he’s here.  He was asking about what his relatives did wrong to make him and Nikki have to leave.  He asked about why the judge won’t let him go home right now, and that led to more talks about drugs.  I hope this is a potent anti-drug message for him.

He seems to be doing better than earlier this week anyway!