A lot’s happened in the last two days.

Mark had a playdate with a friend yesterday.  He asked specifically for this boy to come over, but the boy (we’ll call him Lars) was pretty jerky/bossy the whole time.  Luckily, Mark didn’t lose his cool, but he came close.  I don’t blame him too much, and afterwards, we both agreed that Lars wouldn’t be invited back over for a while.  I think their personalities clash too much.  The problem is, I’m not sure what the best personality is for a friend for Luke.  I’m picturing someone not too competitive, calm, and patient.  Know any 2nd grade boys like that??

Mark and Nikki visited with their 12-year old sister today at our house.  She was very patronizing with them, but I think she was pretty bored.  Mark has been longing to see and talk to her more for weeks, but when she was here, he barely talked to her.  Then he pooped in his pants on the drive back from dropping her off.  Sigh.   We had gone a whole week with no accidents.

The kids had conversations with Mom last night, and she told them that her classes are starting up, so she’s going to have a lot less free time, and 2 nights of the week, she’ll be in class during bedtime, so Mark won’t be able to lull himself to sleep in the cradle of the phone.  I’m optimistic he’ll handle it fine.  But I’ll be prepared for more poop, just in case.