I’m getting even more worried about and for Mark.  The start to school was sort of fumbled, as he went the first day, came home sick early in the second day, and then had two snow days.  Okay, so Monday, start of a new week, and to me at least, it finally felt like the beginning of the new semester.  Mark lost one of his teeth at school that day, and he came out really happy to show me.  I can only hope that was a ‘cool’ thing to have happen at school.

But then Monday night, he was talking to Mom on the phone.

[Side note: Thank God I figured out *67.  If he was using our cell phone, we would be spending a fortune.  He talks to his mom before bed for at least 20 – 30 minutes a day, and then also some after school, plus whatever Nikki uses. ]

He told her when he sat down at lunch, the other kids got up and sat somewhere else.  The other kids made fun of his name.  No one played with him at recess.  He doesn’t have any friends.  He spent a good bit of the call just sobbing, not even talking, just crying.  His nightly calls almost always involve a little crying or sniffling, which is okay and makes perfect sense.  But this was a lot, and it worried me.  The problem is, he doesn’t really talk to me about what’s happened at school.

For the record, he is a bit, um, dramatic when he thinks he’s been wronged.  His real name happens to be the name of a character in a show that all the kids here like, so I suspect it’s not teasing but a show of friendship, but he hates the show and doesn’t agree.  I also know the lunch room at school is run like a prison, and I doubt the kids are just allowed to get up and move around, so there is probably something else going on.

And as far as recess, Tuesday proved much better, because the snow melted enough so the boys could play kickball, which he loves.  And the 2nd grade boys play kickball every day!  He told me yesterday after school he even scored a run.  And he told Mom last night that ALL the boys wanted to sit by him at lunch.  And no one made fun of his name.  So who knows what today will bring?  I was worried that he was subconsciously isolating himself from the other boys, but I bet he’s too friendly to keep it up.   I guess there’s just a normal amount of worry and sadness any time a kid is new to a school.