School is finally back!!  After a ridiculously long winter break (17 days, including weekends), 2 days back, and then a 4-day weekend thanks to 2 inclement weather days, I think/hope school will stay in session, for real this time.  The house is quiet, Husband isn’t around hogging the computer, the kids aren’t terrorizing each other.  The schedule is pretty good for the rest of the school year (we anticipate Nikki and Mark will be with us at least through June):

  • M/W/F mornings, it’s just me, Nikki, and Baby
  • T/Th mornings, me, Nikki, Baby and Junior.  Nikki and Junior play really well when there are no other older influences around.
  • Every afternoon, just me, Junior and Baby while Nikki is in kindergarten.

After school lets out for the day, things get hairy again as I have to enforce homework completion while also simultaneously giving everyone yummy but healthy snacks, because they are each STARVING you know.  But at least the days will be calm.

Break and break 2.0 weren’t really all bad.  There were lots of instances of happy group playing, but they didn’t last long enough.   We never did get the Christmas cards signed and mailed, a lot of ornaments were broken, NO cookies were baked because I’m horrified enough at Mark and Nikki’s eating habits, and there was some whining about inadequate gifts and ‘nothing to do.’

The movie night had to be rescheduled, so we do have that to look forward to.  I also predict that at some point the temperature outside will rise above freezing and we might venture outdoors again.  Getting back into school and making some friends hopefully will help Mark feel a little less depressed about his situation too.  Finally, time for new beginnings, new tries, new routines.