I wasn’t this nervous for any of my own kids’ first day of school.  There’s a lot more at stake here though.  I’m not certain how Mark might react if something goes wrong.  Most likely nothing, but maybe he’d cry, maybe he’d shove someone, maybe he’d yell at the teacher, maybe he’d wet his pants (gulp.)

We were able to get to school on time, even early enough to talk to friends in the hall.  I walked Mark down to his class, and luckily, the boy waiting outside the room was the same boy I’d tried to have a few playdates with over break.  So I left them together, and now I can only sit at home, imagining the worst (and also the typical.)

I emailed his teacher, the counselor, and the school nurse last night, and let them know a little more about him and his personality, and they appreciated that.

I sent him a sack lunch, rather than the mediocre school food.  He wanted one, and I wanted to make sure he had enough time to eat and some healthful food, but what if someone makes fun of his lunchbox (a plain, red, cloth bag?)

They will probably have indoor recess today, so he (not very athletic) won’t have to worry about messing up a kickball game, but maybe getting the chance to run around would do him better than sitting inside playing checkers?

Should I have tried to get him to wear ‘cooler’ clothes?  His new sneakers instead of the brown loafers he prefers?  Should I have told him that most of the boys here like Star Wars, so even though he doesn’t, he should still try to play Star Wars games with them?  Can I do anything at all to help him fit in?

And if I’m this nervous, how is he?