Today was the second visit with Mom for Mark and Nikki (the first was last Tuesday.)  Again, they seemed to have a good time, although Mark was described as “not quite himself.”  And then as everyone prepared to leave the building, Mom noticed Mark had wet his pants, and he started crying.  She got him cleaned up and in new clothes, and he still kept crying.  He cried for 20 more minutes in the car – loud sobbing for his mom.  It was rough.  Nikki was happy as a clam, oddly.  I think it was the McNuggets, which prompted her to say as I handed them to her “I thought you said McDonald’s was bad?”  I did sweetie, I did.  Now just eat.  Anyway, I think I can attribute the crying to

  1. being hungry (visit was 11 – 1, breakfast had been at 8:30)
  2. being embarrassed about his pants
  3. leaving Mom

He calmed down after eating his McNuggets, and was actually pretty good the rest of the day.

Tonight, four of the five kids refused to touch dinner (Rachel Ray’s Turkey Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie, and it was good!) and only Nikki finally managed to eat her serving after much whining.  And because first day back at school is tomorrow, everyone got baths, but while I was getting the first baths going, Nikki refused to clean up her Barbies and started throwing things.  I put her in bed until it was time for her to get ready for bed, which she fought but eventually just started screaming-crying.  And kept it up for 45 minutes.

This was an extended variation on the theme from yesterday, when she cried for 30 minutes in bed.  The 30 minutes was preceded by about 20 minutes of ever-increasing, more frantic and less logical statements of “I’m thirsty!”  Each time, I would say “Why don’t you ask for a drink, and I’ll get it for you?”  But that wasn’t really the point I guess, and I ended up sending her to her room until she could stop saying “I’m thirsty.”

I’m really exhausted.  And I’m not even the one dealing with the emotional turmoil.