Before Mark arrived, Husband (vehemently) and I (reluctantly) agreed, based on the circumstances around his entering our home, that we wanted to have some security at night.  We don’t have an electronic alarm, so we sort of decided to, well… lock his door from the outside after he was asleep.  I’m so embarrassed to admit that.  I bet it’s technically against some foster parent policy we agreed to, and I know it’s not good for a kid to realize in the middle of the night that they can’t get out of their room.

We weren’t going to tell him it was locked; we were just going to tell him if he needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night to knock on the door and we’d come open it.  I was also going to set up a monitor, so I could hear him (the bed he’s in is pretty squeaky.)

So that was all before he arrived.  Once he got here, we realized he’s a big kitten.  Doesn’t mean he won’t perp ever, but he just didn’t strike me as the type to sneak out of his bed at night.  That, plus our evening activities which kept us out until after bedtime, meant we ended up not putting a lock on the door.

Instead, I put some of our noisiest baby toys in front of his doorway.  And they worked: I did wake up when he went to the bathroom!  I think I’ll keep them there for the next several days until we get a good handle on what exactly he’s been through.