I’m spending the next few hours running around, trying to find all of K. and S.’s clothes and toys.  They will be leaving at 11:00 for their grandmother’s house.  I got the news at 8:30.  Trust me, I’m so happy for them.  I know they should be with a relative.  But of course, I am still sad to see them go.  They are good boys to have in our house.  They play with Junior so well, they look after Baby, they get along with my husband, and they are loving and helpful.  We were just commenting last night how we are lucky they were our first placement.  It could have been a LOT worse.

I’m curious as to how Daughter and husband will react when they come home and K. and S. are not here. I’m going to try and swing by Daughter’s school and husband’s work for goodbyes, but that will require some planning.  I doubt I’ll have enough time.

Yesterday was such a good day too.  K. even slept through the night.

And just a few minutes ago, I went out and checked on the robin’s nest.  I noticed the mother had not been there at all this morning.  And both eggs are broken…