Last Friday afternoon, K. and S. came to stay with our family!

S. will be 5 in less than two months, and K. will be 4 even sooner.  Besides a few items, which I’ll note later, I have been rather underwhelmed.  I guess our training dwelled on the worst case scenarios.  These brothers almost immediately settled into our house and home.  Like, seriously, if my kids get taken into care, I really hope they are a little more traumatized than these guys.  It’s weird.

They do talk of missing their two siblings (in a different placement) and mom, but S. also already told me he likes it here, he wants to stay, and he doesn’t want to go home.  Pretty sad.

I was able to categorize the boys within 24 hours:

  • K. is the boss.  He takes what he wants from others, pushes limits, and occasionally hits – not really out of anger, more like excitement/mischievousness.  So far, he has only hit me and my husband; I hope it stays that way.
  • S. is sensitive, a bit whiny, but much more obedient and calm.  Sucks his thumb when he’s upset or nervous.

They both seem smart and generally developmentally on track, but I’m no expert.  They do have the cutest little speech impediments, except that it makes them incomprehensible.  They don’t pronounce about half the consonants!  I hope they stay long enough to get some speech therapy.

K. has a lot of trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.  It is pretty rough.  He wakes up every few hours crying for his Mama, but luckily, he falls asleep again pretty quickly.  However, he has refused to sleep in his room (sharing with his brother), so he’s sleeping on a mat on the floor of our room.  I hope that’s not habit-forming.

They were dropped off Friday from a woman who wasn’t even their case worker, so I know zilch about their past, just the one incident that brought them into care.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, and I’ve been lucky to get this much time to type relatively uninterrupted.  I’m so glad I could document this!!!

And an unsuspecting robin is building a nest on the porch railing where we eat dinner every night, once it gets warm:Nest on porch railing