Finally, after almost two weeks since licensing, I got our first placement call.

Lulu, our licensing worker:

“Well, I’ve got a sibling group, but one of them is a little out of your age range.”

(It would help to note that our age range is 2 – 6.)

Lulu: “The little girl is 3.”

Me: “Awww…”

Lulu: “And the boy is 11.”

Me: “Oh.”

Yeah, well, that sort of sealed the deal.  She did a little more talking, but I’m not sure what she could have said to convince me to take them.   Really, what was she thinking? Really really, she was probably desperate.

Oh man, what if that poor kid has to go to a group home now because there are no other placements that will take him? Wouldn’t we be better than a group home?  And then his sister wouldn’t be separated from him.  Plus, there are lots of boys that age in our neighborhood.  Great, now I feel like the jerk of the year.

But I could rationalize all day, and I probably will, on why he and his sister should be with us, and it still won’t change that fundamental fact that we just don’t know his past and how his behavior could affect our current children.   And our family right now always has to come first.  It’s best for us, and best for any children placed with us.  And because every person we talked to during training advised us not to take foster children older than our own, our(my) decision will be No.

So, I’m sorry, little girl and big brother.  I hope you get a foster family that fits with you and you with them.  I pray that your mom kicks the habit and you are speedily reunited with her.  I pray you have the security and love that all children deserve.